Jack the Ripper was really Jacqueline the Ripper

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Everyone knows about Jack the Ripper, right?  What if I told you that Jack the Ripper was really Jacqueline the Ripper?  Well, it might very well be true, and what follows is my argument in support of this hypothesis.

For what it’s worth, I studied, and hunted, serial killers (and got a doctorate for my troubles), with a little help from the FBI.  And one thing I’m reasonably sure of, without actual sexual contact (and with obvious sexual content — uterus removal), and a knife as the weapon of choice (although this is not as certain an indicator), you almost always have a female unsub (unknown subject or suspect).  The nature of the kills (namely, slitting of the victims’ throats…from behind) also indicates the possibility of a female killer.  The other thing I’m even more sure of, the disfigurement of Mary Jane Kelly, makes her killing personal, meaning that Jacqueline likely knew Mary, maybe even vice versa, it’s possible they were even related.

It’s possible that Jacqueline was also a prostitute, though I very much doubt it.  It seems more likely that Jacqueline saw her victims as lesser than herself.  So, she might very well have been one of the multitude of “Church-ladies” common to the area at the time, all trying to save these women’s souls.  If this hypothesis is correct, then it is more likely that Jacqueline was a religious zealot who saw the working-girls as temptresses, servants of the devil, a common belief at the time (as it is today).

A serial killer who believes they are doing right, by cleaning up the streets of the trash (the ‘trash’ being the prostitutes and the beggars), a belief she would have shared with many in the middle- and upper-classes of her day, is referred to as a ‘house-cleaner’.  House-cleaners, like Angels-of-Death, refuse to accept that they are doing anything wrong, let alone committing a crime.  If true, this hypothesis explains why the police of the day, never caught Jack the Ripper, cause Jack didn’t exist, and it’s unlikely that anyone in law enforcement circles would have even entertained the possibility that a woman could commit such brutal kills, and a woman certainly could not be a serial killer.  Today, Jacqueline would be described as anti-social personality defective AND disordered, and a predator type.  I can’t be sure if she was a narcissist or not, though it seems unlikely.

Well gentle-readers, that’s the gist of my argument.  If you wish to counter this argument, please feel free to post a comment.


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Dave and HAL remembered or was 2001 a Space Odyssey prophetic?

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When does technology become evil?  I think technology (computers, smartphones, iPads, the internet, etc.) only becomes evil when we, as a society) believe we can’t function without it, or it replaces actual human contact (social intercourse).  In some (maybe many) ways the current generation might have crossed that line.  I guess we’ll have to see if our society, over time,  stagnates and dies, or continues to grow and evolve.  I not sure which will happen.  But I am afraid for our kids.

On the other hand, a product of that technological revolution, are miniature electronic tags, that are implanted under the person’s skin.  What with the ever increasing amount kidnapping of woman and children for the purposes of human trafficking and the increasing number of human predators out there stalking, and torturing, our children, tagging our kids sounds like a really good thing.  At least we can find their bodies once the bad people are done with them.

All of this may sound cynical, and I guess it is, but regardless, technology, and our increasing dependence on it, is both good and evil.  We, as humans, must strive to keep our humanity, and positive human interactions, in the face of the dehumanization of our society by our own dependence on technology.  Computers have no conscience.  Only humans have a conscience (or at least we’re suppose to have).  We, as a sentient species, must choose whether or not we wish our interactions with other human being (and other species, for that matter) are warm and friendly, or cold and brutal.  Something to think about, while you’re reading this blog over the internet on you desktop, notebook, or netbook computer.  Enjoy your day.

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Just How Deep Does This Rabbit Hole Go??

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Here’s one of the really big problems, it would seem that there are no longer restrictions on exorbitant interest rates, in the neighborhood of 30% – 50%.  Look what’s happening to mortgage, credit and charge card, and auto finance rates.  They’re no longer tied to the Overnight or Bank Rate.  So the Bank rate is 0.5%, and it just rose to that level 2 months ago.  Mortgage rates are hovering between 8% and 15% and have been steadily rising since late last fall.  We have at least one more wave of economic downturn (sometime in the next 3 – 9 months) accompanied by more unemployment.  People with jobs, especially in the States are buying houses on foreclosure, because the mortgage rates are still reasonable, even at 8% they figure they can either fix ’em and flip ’em or keep 4 or 5 as income properties.  Many of the entrepreneurs are new arrivals, relatively speaking.  By the summer of 2011, I predict mortgage rates in the neighborhood of 20% – 30%.  The first wave of foreclosures effectively eliminated the minorities (Blacks and Hispanics) from the home ownership market (Thank you Mr. Bush for fucking the black man and woman).  The next wave will leave only rich white folks in the credit markets…just what Bushie and his friends wanted at the beginning of all of this in the summer of 2008.  And the same things going to happen here.  The controls on interest rates are gone.  Thank you Jimmy Flaherty, Neo-Nazi extraordinaire.

Another Really BIG problem, maybe the biggest, Wages are NOT rising anywhere near as fast as Prices.  And for those of us on a very fixed income, rapidly rising costs such as groceries and fuel (which causes grocery, and all other, prices to escalate, as well) is painful, at best.  Without price controls in place, the governments are signalling that they really don’t  give a damn about those of us at the lowest end of the economic food-chain (and that would include the working poor, which pretty much includes just about anyone with kids, making less than about $125,000/year).  So, I challenge ALL governments in the western world (you know who you are, you where all in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada last weekend) to do something about price controls, before the poor wind up panhandling on your street, just to stay alive.  Leaders, you must remember, we are not poor because we want to be, we’re poor because we are unable to earn a decent living.  It just hit me, we, the poor, should all go into politics, then we’d earn an obscene amount of money every year, and we wouldn’t have to worry about having any necessary skills!  Mr. Harper, Mr. Flaherty think about it, the poor you so easily ignore, might suddenly be sitting across from you in Parliament.  Neat, huh?

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The Bears are Armed Enuf! So, are you a sheep, or what?

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The above news item from Yahoo! News annoyed me, so I felt obliged to comment.  I guess the whole country’s forgotten their high school Civics classes (assuming they still teach Civics in high school), the 2nd Amendment to the U. S. Constitution is about the maintaining of a militia system rather than the standing army (which we have today), and not, in fact, about the right to bear arms. The section regarding the bearing of arms is related only to the needs of a militia system. In a militia system, the participants must supply their own weapons and ammunition, uniforms, etc. Today the DOD supplies weapons, ammunition, uniforms, and all other required goods and services to ALL soldiers, they need not supply their own. Meaning because the militia system no longer exists, and therefore the right to bear arms no longer exists! Everybody should actually read the 2nd Amendment sometime, rather than take someone else’s opinion on the subject, think for yourself! I realize the existing Supreme Court is afraid of the gun lobby when it comes to making correct rulings regarding gun control, everybody needs to retire someday.   This is my, and many other legal scholars’, interpretation of the 2nd amendment.

Before you decide that you disagree with me, read the wording contained in the actual text of the amendment, think about those words, and then decide what you believe.  At least then, you’ll be thinking for yourself, and not being a sheep, and following whatever the special interests groups tell you is the truth.  Always remember, a well-read populace is dangerous populace, politicians (and their puppeteers) prefer us as sheep…unthinking sheep, who do and think what they’re told.  Do you want to be a sheep, or what?  Just my thought for Independence Day.

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Lady Liberty & the Island Ellis

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I just saw this item on the CNN site.  All I can say (besides thanks Dana Bash and cnn.com) is, finally a President with vision and an understanding of what America is about.  And this is why I love President Barak Obama.  The ideas seem to be cogent and well thought out (a President who actually thinks AND can tell the truth, amaaaaaaaaaazin’), not to mention fitting with the true spirit of America.  Those opposed, need to realize that America is the bright shining beacon of hope for a great many people around the world, and therefore they will keep coming no matter what.  And those who are here, are already contributing to America, rather than being a threat, for the most part.  I believe that anyone who wants to contribute to America must be allowed to.  Just a thought.  I hope that the Right (often the wrong) Wing will finally realize that without a friendly immigration policy, their ancestors would never have been able to come here, and therefore they wouldn’t be taking up space in Congress trying to prove how patriotically American they are.  Please, think about it.

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My Life in a Nutcracker

03/28/2010 at 2:51 pm (Personal Opinion)

I live in Ontario, Canada.  I use a power wheelchair to get around, due to several health issues.  My entire income comes from the Province’s Social Assistance system.  I’m capable of working, I’ve had skills, I’m intelligent.  The problem (or rather problems, to be accurate) is, I’m in a wheelchair (many employer’s office space are inaccessible, even though, legally, they’re suppose to be), I’ve been unemployed for a very long time (though not for lack of trying on my part) and I declared bankruptcy over a year ago (due to chronic unemployment).  Of course, it doesn’t help that every employer in this area feels compelled to run a credit check on me, discover my bankruptcy, and then make judgements regarding my character (or lack there of) and what type of employee I might make.

I tell you these things, my gentle readers, merely for perspective.  Not every poor person lack skills (or character).  I’m a writer.  I’ve written 2 complete novels (as I’ve mentioned earlier), and many many screen, radio, and stage plays, as well as more short stories, essays and articles, and poems than I can count.  Not to mention, I taught myself to program computer (as well as many other fun things to do with them).

My major complaint, the elected officials in this city, province, and country, vote themselves a 20% – 40% raises (not to mention allowing the price of everything, especially groceries, to rise by at least 10%) while only giving those of us on at the lowest point on the socio-economic totum pole, a raise of about 5% (and they celebrate with a $200 dinner.  If I’m lucky, I can afford to eat 2 meals a day for the whole month, pay my bills, and my rent.  I have to plan for the simplest things, like going to breakfast or a movie with a friend once a month.  LIFE SUCKS!

And I do ask myself, frequently, if it’s worth it.  And sometimes, I can only answer no.  I guess that makes me depressed.  Just like the fact that there are a great many days  that it’s too big a pain in the ass to actually get out of bed, get dressed, and do something, anything.  I’ve spent my whole life being good at solving problems.  And I just can’t come up with a solution to the problem my life has become.  And some days, I just don’t care that I can’t.  I use to think that my life would always be, at least, enjoyable.  And now, it’s more of a surprise when it is.

And that, gentle readers, is my bitch for today.

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What am I doing wrong??!!!???

09/15/2009 at 4:11 pm (Personal Opinion)

Yeh know, I’m nearly 50 (at least according to the date on me birth certificate), and if I’m lucky if the pittance given to me by the local government (I’m on disability, as I’m in a wheelchair) lasts me less than half the month (this month, not so much).  The funny (funny strange, not funny haha) thing about this, I use to be a system programmer, I programmed mainframes and minis.  Then, about 20 years ago I moved to Toronto, and I couldn’t buy a job in my field.  So, I took whatever would pay the rent.  Five years later I’m unemployed, can’t buy a job, no matter what I do.  Went to school a couple of times, 2 years ago most recently, to upgrade my skills.  And still I was unemployed for 16 years.  I wound up in the wheelchair a little over 4 years ago (before I went to school the last time).  After I went to school the last time, it took 2 1/2 months to find a job, with nothing to do with computers, except I used one.  I guess I wasn’t that good at it, ’cause after 6 months, I was ‘let go’.  I immediately got a job, in IT of all things.  That job lasted 6 weeks, I couldn’t hold my bladder any more.  The alleged accessible washrooms (those used by people like me, in wheelchairs) were, almost always in use by able-bodied staff and management.   I complained to management.  I was given a choice.  I could put up with the lack of washrooms, or I could leave.  I left.  Within days, the economy goes straight in the crapper, I can’t buy a job.  A year later, I still can’t buy a job, in computers or anything else.  I’ve been playing, working, with computers nearly all of my life, I’ve been writing (fiction and non-fiction) basically all my life (including 2 complete novels, movie scripts, etc.), then there’s the theater, film and television work.  The only work I can get is occasionally helping friends, friends-of-friends, and acquaintances with their computers, mostly for barter.  Obviously, I’m not without marketable skills.  So, what the *#$@ an I doing wrong??!!!???

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Roostertails and Flat Spins

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Earlier today I went to the Canadian International Airshow here in Toronto and I saw some of the most impressive flying I’ve ever seen.  First there was C130T, nicknamed ‘Fat Albert, piloted by USMC Major Drew Hess.  Then there was the remaining members of the US Navy’s Blue Angels, 6 F/A 18s, commanded by Commander Greg McWherter.  US Navy and US Marine Corp aviators are basically the most incredible fliers on the planet.  Then there was an unmarked, mat-black F/A 22 Raptor, flown by an US Air Force pilot.  This guy performed flat spins, tail stands, and some other moves more consistent with small prop aerobatic stunt planes.

One curious thing, however, no female aviators.  There are 2 female members of the Blue Angels, one is the Events Coordinator and one is the Flight Surgeon, no actual flight performers (aviators), however.  I’m curious about this, how ’bout you?  Is there some reason women don’t perform with these teams or fly hot new planes like the Raptor?  Or is this just a fluke?  And women have flown with the Blue Angels in the past, and/or flown hot planes like the raptor, or the B1 Lancer, or the B2 Spirit? I don’t believe that women are physiologically or anatomically inferior to men, for the purposes of high-stress flying.  In fact, I believe that some US agency (maybe NASA or the US Air Force) did a study that showed that women can actually remain conscious at higher G-forces than men, and function better (physiologically and anatomically — like remaining ‘regular’, for instance) in zero-G environment.

There were other performers, including Canada’s Snowbirds but, I couldn’t take the sun any more.

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Post-Darwinian Evolution or what does it mean to be human?

08/23/2009 at 5:54 pm (Personal Opinion) ()

Humans?  Who are we?  What are we?  Perhaps, the answer is far more interesting than most of us think.  Let’s start close to the end of our speculation.  What if, as suggested in the X-Men movies, Neanderthals did not simply die out, but disappeared from the face of the earth because they mated with Cro-Magnons and what remained were hybrids?  Seems like an almost reasonable hypothesis.  Well, if so, let’s look back over the 4 – 6 million year history of humanoids on this planet.  Would it be so outlandish to suggest that such proto-human sub-species, as Australopithecus, who also vanished from the terran landscape, ‘died-out’ becaused they bred themselves out of existance by mating with other humanoid sub-species to create Homo-Sapiens?  Once again, an idea which doesn’t seem to violate any dictates of biological theory (ie. closely-related species can successfully breed — produce live, and reproductive, offspring).  If we continue to follow this train-of-thought (assuming it hasn’t already derailed), where to now?  What else might we, reasonably, be able to suppose?

Well…. Could it be possible that other species also had bipedal ancestors, like maybe felinoids (curiousity), lupoids (we are pack-animals, after all), reptoid (why some humans kill with impunity and without conscience — it is refered to as ‘killing in cold-blood’, after all), insectoid, avoids (why humans need to fly) or even katoids (whales and dolphins)?  If so, could it not be possible that at an earlier time in the history of this planet, say 1 – 10 million years ago, DNA was less diferentiated (ie. more common elements) and, just maybe, the various oids successfully mated (that’s an alternative explanation for why there is reptile, bird, cat and dog DNA in our (human) genome)?  Some thoughts and theories to throw against the wall, to see what sticks.

Time for the final step.  And here it is.  What if someone (possibly even ‘Natural Selection’) figured out a way to trigger those oid segments in our DNA?  And, what if that same someone, or maybe just Mother Nature’s quirky sense of humor, figured out how to make a person transition from a humanoid to a bipedal felinoid (2-legged cat) and back again (a metamorph, for lack of a better term)?  What would that individual look like, act like, be like?  And, perhaps most importantly, how would that individual be treated by others in society?  Would they be treated like everyone else?  Or would they be treated like a freak?  Would be locked up?  Would their mother even be allowed to bare them?  Or would they be seized by the government?  Or would the mother be forced to abort the fetus, by order of the state (the abortion issue would be set asisde by even the most religious, as the resulting child must be an abomination)?

Basically, in the end, all of this is fundamentally about asking ‘what is it that makes us human?’  Maybe, the bible is sorta right, we do not have dominion over all the beasts but, in fact, we are all the beasts.  Just a few thoughts for your consideration.  I believe that no idea is so outlandish, that it should not be considered.  A very long time ago, someone told me, “A closed mind, is a lonely mind.”  I also think that to be truly alive one must learn, and the first step in learning is to accept that we, as a species, do not know everything.  And the second step in learning is to consider that everything is possible, and therefore nothing is impossible.  And, gentle reader, if you’re not asleep yet, think about the preceding and then write a comment in the space provided.  All comments are welcome, even outright dismissal.  And now, until the morrow, I’ll bid you adieu.

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