What am I doing wrong??!!!???

09/15/2009 at 4:11 pm (Personal Opinion)

Yeh know, I’m nearly 50 (at least according to the date on me birth certificate), and if I’m lucky if the pittance given to me by the local government (I’m on disability, as I’m in a wheelchair) lasts me less than half the month (this month, not so much).  The funny (funny strange, not funny haha) thing about this, I use to be a system programmer, I programmed mainframes and minis.  Then, about 20 years ago I moved to Toronto, and I couldn’t buy a job in my field.  So, I took whatever would pay the rent.  Five years later I’m unemployed, can’t buy a job, no matter what I do.  Went to school a couple of times, 2 years ago most recently, to upgrade my skills.  And still I was unemployed for 16 years.  I wound up in the wheelchair a little over 4 years ago (before I went to school the last time).  After I went to school the last time, it took 2 1/2 months to find a job, with nothing to do with computers, except I used one.  I guess I wasn’t that good at it, ’cause after 6 months, I was ‘let go’.  I immediately got a job, in IT of all things.  That job lasted 6 weeks, I couldn’t hold my bladder any more.  The alleged accessible washrooms (those used by people like me, in wheelchairs) were, almost always in use by able-bodied staff and management.   I complained to management.  I was given a choice.  I could put up with the lack of washrooms, or I could leave.  I left.  Within days, the economy goes straight in the crapper, I can’t buy a job.  A year later, I still can’t buy a job, in computers or anything else.  I’ve been playing, working, with computers nearly all of my life, I’ve been writing (fiction and non-fiction) basically all my life (including 2 complete novels, movie scripts, etc.), then there’s the theater, film and television work.  The only work I can get is occasionally helping friends, friends-of-friends, and acquaintances with their computers, mostly for barter.  Obviously, I’m not without marketable skills.  So, what the *#$@ an I doing wrong??!!!???


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