Post-Darwinian Evolution or what does it mean to be human?

08/23/2009 at 5:54 pm (Personal Opinion) ()

Humans?  Who are we?  What are we?  Perhaps, the answer is far more interesting than most of us think.  Let’s start close to the end of our speculation.  What if, as suggested in the X-Men movies, Neanderthals did not simply die out, but disappeared from the face of the earth because they mated with Cro-Magnons and what remained were hybrids?  Seems like an almost reasonable hypothesis.  Well, if so, let’s look back over the 4 – 6 million year history of humanoids on this planet.  Would it be so outlandish to suggest that such proto-human sub-species, as Australopithecus, who also vanished from the terran landscape, ‘died-out’ becaused they bred themselves out of existance by mating with other humanoid sub-species to create Homo-Sapiens?  Once again, an idea which doesn’t seem to violate any dictates of biological theory (ie. closely-related species can successfully breed — produce live, and reproductive, offspring).  If we continue to follow this train-of-thought (assuming it hasn’t already derailed), where to now?  What else might we, reasonably, be able to suppose?

Well…. Could it be possible that other species also had bipedal ancestors, like maybe felinoids (curiousity), lupoids (we are pack-animals, after all), reptoid (why some humans kill with impunity and without conscience — it is refered to as ‘killing in cold-blood’, after all), insectoid, avoids (why humans need to fly) or even katoids (whales and dolphins)?  If so, could it not be possible that at an earlier time in the history of this planet, say 1 – 10 million years ago, DNA was less diferentiated (ie. more common elements) and, just maybe, the various oids successfully mated (that’s an alternative explanation for why there is reptile, bird, cat and dog DNA in our (human) genome)?  Some thoughts and theories to throw against the wall, to see what sticks.

Time for the final step.  And here it is.  What if someone (possibly even ‘Natural Selection’) figured out a way to trigger those oid segments in our DNA?  And, what if that same someone, or maybe just Mother Nature’s quirky sense of humor, figured out how to make a person transition from a humanoid to a bipedal felinoid (2-legged cat) and back again (a metamorph, for lack of a better term)?  What would that individual look like, act like, be like?  And, perhaps most importantly, how would that individual be treated by others in society?  Would they be treated like everyone else?  Or would they be treated like a freak?  Would be locked up?  Would their mother even be allowed to bare them?  Or would they be seized by the government?  Or would the mother be forced to abort the fetus, by order of the state (the abortion issue would be set asisde by even the most religious, as the resulting child must be an abomination)?

Basically, in the end, all of this is fundamentally about asking ‘what is it that makes us human?’  Maybe, the bible is sorta right, we do not have dominion over all the beasts but, in fact, we are all the beasts.  Just a few thoughts for your consideration.  I believe that no idea is so outlandish, that it should not be considered.  A very long time ago, someone told me, “A closed mind, is a lonely mind.”  I also think that to be truly alive one must learn, and the first step in learning is to accept that we, as a species, do not know everything.  And the second step in learning is to consider that everything is possible, and therefore nothing is impossible.  And, gentle reader, if you’re not asleep yet, think about the preceding and then write a comment in the space provided.  All comments are welcome, even outright dismissal.  And now, until the morrow, I’ll bid you adieu.



  1. Susan said,

    Well, I decided to read your complex ideas on this topic. I am glad to see that you realize anything is possible and therefore the origin of human kind is not all that complex. Many people prefer to believe in the bible because it simplifies things for us. All it takes is faith and if you believe all is possible than you can accept this theory too. So you believe in angels and demons?

    • Jessica said,

      I believe in Angels, Daemons and God, just not organized religion.

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