Why read my novels?

08/13/2009 at 10:11 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

What makes the Guardian Angel Saga different from other suspense thrillers?  Well, first of all Guardian Angel has both fantasy (characters which are Immortals) and science fiction (a character which is a sentient computer program, a Non-Corporeal Cybernetic Organism – a NiCCO, basically an android without a body) elements.  Second, it’s set in the current era (with all that implies).  Thirdly, the situations have political implication (including the possibility of cover-ups and spooks galore).  Oh, and then there’s the matter of several characters being lesbians.  And the last, and most important (to me, at least), difference is that in the Guardian Angel Saga, like all my series, the characters drive the action, rather than the other way round.  All of these things make my novels unique, however, the characters (including the NiCCO, Lisa, Jazz’s daughter), and the stories, are extremely relateable.

That gentle reader, is the why my novels deserve to be read, which means they need to, first, be published.  So, while www.jadescribe.media.officelive.com is aimed at literary agents and publishers, I have received input from many average people (aka the book-buying-public) which has proved to be helpful in making the site much more attractive.  Enjoy your reading experience.


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