Darwin and the Evolution of a Voice

07/24/2009 at 4:40 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Well, today’s Wednesday, and, gentle readers, some of the reviews are in, my new website needs work.   Well, d’uh.  Actually, the input of my ‘Editorial Board’ (my friends and associates, and any of you who wish to comment) is extremely important to me.  I mean, we all want to believe the work we show to the world is perfect, profound possibly, perhaps even brilliant but, the truth is, as a writer, I’ve learned that I’m capable (on most days) of telling a good story (great one, only after many good days, and a few great ones).  On the other hand, most days is sounds better in my head, than what spits out of my computer (even after it’s spellchecked).  And the reason is simple.  Writing is skill.  Like designing buildings, painting a porrait or a landscape, or pitching a no-hitter in the 7th game of the World Series.  And like those other skills, it requires some tallent, a lot of pratice, and a little luck.  The same is true of my website.  I’m still new at designing and building effective (and efficient) websites.  However, with input from my ‘Editorial Board’, and a lot of practice, I might, one day, be considered a professional.  By definition, a professional is someone who is paid for something they do (hopefully well), and that’s where I’d like to get to with my novels and movie scripts (I write those, too).  I’ve been writing screenplays off-and-on for nearly 30 years.  But then, I wrote stage and radio plays, short stories, and poetry before that, going back 4 decades or so (ah hell, I’m getting old).  I must be off so, continue to check on the evolution of my site, and continue to comment on the content, and, of course, the look and functionality of the site.

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